Stronger Families – Therapeutic groups for children and mothers

Therapeutic groups for children and mother’s who have experience domestic abuse and violence

Research has shown that group treatment, which includes support from their mothers; children can begin to resolve everything they have experienced. They do this through telling stories and receiving validation by adults and peers they can trust.

Children’s Group

The aim of the programme is to create a safe space for children and provide them with the opportunity to disclose, process and understand the abuse and violence that they have witnessed.

Groups are offered to children between the ages of four and sixteen. The yonugest group will take a maximum of six children, whilst the older groups can have up to eight chidlren.

The programme focuses on building children’s self- esteem by helping them to deal with their emotionsvabout what has happened, and supporting children to understand that what has happened, is not their fault.

Mother’s Group

The mother’s programme runs in the same time frame as the children’s groups. This is to ensure that mothers are supported and best prepared to facilitate their children’s process of healing. The mother’sgroup is a safe and supportive environment providing an opportunity, for women, to explore and reflect on how best to support their children and help them to understand their child’s behaviour better, relating to their experience of being exposed to abuse. The group encourages communication between family members and provides an opportunity for children to start to rebuild trust within the family unit.

Both groups are led by trained facilitators who demonstrate understanding and commitment, ensuring each group is held in a safe, supportive and predictable environment.

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