Frequently Asked Questions

You can talk to one of our Support Workers confidentially by calling us on 01284 753085. Out of hours this number is on an answering machine. Please leave a message and we will get back to you on the next working week day.

If you are in immediate danger do not hesitate to call the Police on 999.

Where can I get emotional support?

We offer a free Outreach Service to anyone who has experienced or who is currently experiencing domestic abuse. Outreach can be offered whether the abuse was years ago and you would like to talk about it to someone or whether you are in need of crisis help for a current situation. To speak to a Support Worker about help, please ring 01284 753085.

We also offer a range of support groups and courses which offer information and emotional support. Please see the section Our Services for a full list of the groups we are offering currently.

How can I cover my tracks when using this website and/or delete my browsing history?

Please see the section Website safety for how to do this.

Questions about the Refuge in Bury St Edmunds

How long can I stay?

How long you stay is dependant on your needs and the choices you make.

Can I go out if I want?

You can go out, and on occasions visit family and friends. All we ask is that you let us know how long you intend to be away.

How much will it cost for me to stay?

Housing Benefit covers our rent if you are not working and claim Income Support or Universal Credit. Our Support Workers will help you claim any benefits you are entitled to. We also ask for a small amount to cover the cost of household items such as cleaning materials.

How will I get to the Refuge?

If you have your own transport we will give you directions.  We can arrange to meet you from either the train or bus station if you use public transport.

Can I have visitors?

Yes your family may visit you, by arrangement with Refuge staff.

Can I bring pets?

Sorry, unfortunately we cannot accommodate pets.