Success Stories

Imogen’s Story

I had been in a relationship where I was emotionally abused. I left and felt I had dealt with what had happened to me until a boss at work shouted at me and then sulked. This triggered all sorts of memories and I was not coping. You arranged counselling and one to one support meetings each week. This support was a real lifeline for me at a time when I was really low and my past was overwhelming me. You helped me find a way out, thankyou

Channa’s Story

I have been living in the Refuge for a while with my children. It’s been a safe haven for me and given me a chance to stop and breathe. Life is still very scary, heartbreaking and tough but I have people here that will listen to me and give me space to talk. My children have their own workers and are also able to share their feelings. During the summer holidays we went on lots of activities, my favourite was swimming. I had never been swimming before. Once I was in the water and floating I felt really free for the first time in my life.

Owen’s Story

I had been emotionally and physically abused by my partner, as a gay man I was not sure that any support would be out there for me. As soon as I started the Freedom Programme I felt at home as the people taking part had all experienced domestic abuse. I was able to talk about how I felt and my experiences were listened to. I was supported to move into a new home and to continue my education. I have been accepted to study mental health nursing. Thank you so much for being there for me.

Manuela’s Story

I came to the refuge to escape my partner. I found that he had taken debts out in my name and had not paid the rent for months although I had given him the money. This meant I might not get a new home for me and my daughter. I got so much support to sort this out, it was so complicated and I do not speak english well. Now we are living in our beautiful safe place. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.

Amy’s Story

When I arrived at the refuge I was so scared, what was the future going to be like for me and my children? My support worker was so kind, I could not talk so we just went out for walks, she gave me space. As time went by I was able to share what had happened to me. It felt so good not to have to bottle it up any more. I have finally found me again. I am now excited about the future, thank you so much!