Support Groups

We also offer a range of Support Groups: the Freedom Programme, Coffee Morning, SODA (Survivors of Domestic Abuse) group, Stronger Families, Helping Hands, Stepping Stones, and other short term groups.

Freedom Programme (face to face and online)

The Freedom Programme is a nationally established 12 week programme for women who have experienced domestic abuse. It examines ‘The Dominator’ – an abusive person and the tactics used to manipulate and control. It also looks at healthy relationships and how a non-abusive person behaves.

The Freedom Programme gives women the opportunity to share their experiences and to then access, if wished, further assistance and services.

Please upload a referral form and return to us to access the Freedom programme.

Freedom & Outreach Programme Referral

SODA (Survivors of Domestic Abuse) – Invitation only during COVID restrictions

This is a weekly group, running throughout the school term.

SODA is an informal group where you can talk over ‘the problems of the week’. This enables women to go to SODA on a Friday morning, knowing that they can discuss, with an experienced Support Worker and other group members, any problems that have arisen throughout the week.

Once a month the SODA group also runs a therapeutic art session, a chance to unleash your hidden talents!

Coffee Morning

– Invitation only during COVID restrictions

Our Support Workers host a weekly Coffee Morning. This is an opportunity to come together, over coffee and cake, for an informal get together offering optional crafting/creative sessions. Much fun is had at these coffee mornings, which also give attendees the chance to speak to all members of staff regarding the more practical difficulties of life, such as benefits, housing etc.

All groups are run by Women’s Aid staff, are confidential and free of charge.

For information on any of our services and groups, please speak to our experienced staff, in confidence and without obligation, on 01284 753085.