About the Bury St Edmunds Womens Aid Centre

Bury St Edmunds Womens Aid Centre was first established in 1974 with a Women's Refuge to provide safety and support for women and children experiencing Domestic Abuse.

In our Refuge we provide temporary accommodation for women and children fleeing Domestic Abuse. Our Refuge has living accommodation for up to eight women and fifteen children. We offer temporary accommodation in a safe and supportive environment where women and their children can recover from the traumatic effects of Domestic Abuse and make informed choices about their futures.

Our Domestic Abuse Outreach Centre offers a range of community services, all services are offered to anyone who has been affected by Domestic Abuse and is in need of support.  These services include: empowerment programmes, peer support, specialist one to one support and access to counselling to support women to rebuild their lives after Abuse.

Our staff support you from your very first contact to a safer, happier life. This will continue for as long as you need.

Registered Charity No. 276883

Company Registration No. 1338724

Photos of the refuge

For security reasons we can’t show any pictures from the outside.

Bury St Edmunds Women’s Refuge